Paragraph on City Life Vs. Village Life – by Rajan Karle


There is a mixed thought on City Life vs. Village Life. People usually consider a huge disparity between life in a village and life in a city.

However, there are few points that differentiate a city life from a village life.

Key Differences:


People who live in a village have different dressing style, profession, language and accent. Most of the times, the profession of the village people are farmers and their surroundings are so green. The villagers cultivate their land and produce crops and vegetables. They can also be called as the backbone of a country. It is a blind thought that people who live in a village are illiterate. From the times, it has been seen that most of the students who originally belong to a village rank first in several national and state level exams.

Though, it is correct that village life is little sluggish as compared to that of a city. Village life has become sluggish because of several reasons that can include lack of technological, lack of advanced instruments, poor traveling facilities, and many others. People who live in a village wake up early in the morning and go to their field to work. They go to sleep early in the night.

Now, let’s come to the life in a city. In a city, people follow different profession like doctors, engineer, bank employee, and many other jobs whereas some people have their own business. The most important factor to consider while pointing out the difference between a city life vs. village life is development. City life is considered as more advanced by means of technology, education, traveling, entertainment facilities, and many more. People who live in a city have a busy lifestyle and no time to waste. Therefore, they are considered as unfriendly and not social. They usually take a long time to sleep and wake up late in the morning because of the tight schedule.


A city as well as the village; both of these places have got equal importance when we consider the life-cycle of any country. The food supply of any country depends on the villages whereas the economical growth of the country depends on the cities. Life in both these places are dependant on each other and contribute equally in the progress of the country.



It is completely wrong to consider that the life in a village is not good. When we look at the contribution by both these places we notice that the involvement of each place in the progress of the country is equal.

These are some of the major points to know while listing the differences on city life vs. village life. Life in both these places is the same with some minor differences that are listed above.

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