Paragraph on Cleanliness – by Rajan Karle


Cleanliness; it is a phrase that gets applied into all fields. It is useful everywhere such as cleanliness in a living place, workplace, travel destinations, and many other places.


This phrase can also describe the nature of a person. This term can be defined as anything which is not dirty.


It feels dreadful to live, work or stand in a dirty place. It also feels annoying to be with a person who is unclean or dirty. Therefore, cleanliness is important not only for us but also for others. Cleanliness makes the place fresh and lively. It makes the workplace more energetic and vigorous.

Personal cleanliness:


Let’s consider the point of maintaining cleanliness in life. An individual must be physically and mentally clean to get noticed in the crowd. Taking everyday shower, neatly combed hair, and neatly shaped nail are some of the common practices to maintain physical cleanliness. Physical cleanliness reflects the character of a person. Now, the person who follows good thoughts, reads quality books, provides no harm to the society, and is moral are considered mentally clean person. Mentally and physically clean people always attach themselves to certain morals. Thus, the physical and mental cleanliness can maintain peace in the social life.

A clean physique along with a warm heart creates the exact combination for a polite person. These people receive respect everywhere. Also, they receive success in their goals because of a strong physique and clean mind.

On the other hand, being unclean physically and mentally can drag you down in the social life.

Cleanliness in social life:

Now, let’s consider the point of keeping cleanliness in the surroundings. An individual must try to keep their surrounding environment clean. A clean city reflects the character of people living in it. Everyone can keep their own city clean in many ways. Garbage thrown on the roads, no trees, polluted environment, and high amount of noise are some of the signs of an unclean city. Some people possess the bad habit of throwing plastic bottles, wrappers, and other items in a tourist place. They should be restricted from doing anything that makes the city or any other place unclean. As a responsible person, everyone should possess the good habit of throwing garbage in the provided. Even if we see garbage thrown on the road then we must drop it in the provided dustbins. Keeping tourist places clean is a way to attract tourists from other countries. Cleanliness at tourist destination speaks about the country.

If the tourist destinations, roads, cities, and the residential people are clean then it delivers a positive message to the tourists who belong to other countries.


In this way, maintaining cleanliness everywhere has become an essential part of life. It is well said that “the charity begins at home”; and therefore everyone should take initiative to keep cleanliness wherever possible. It is not difficult to achieve the goal of spreading cleanliness. It can be achieved through some simple steps mentioned above.

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