Paragraph on Co-Education – by Anand


Colleges and schools where boys and girls study together are called co-educational institutions.

In India, there are many co-educational institutions. The debate regarding the establishment of co-educational institutions in the country had been immense in the beginning of the 21st century.


Some people believe that co-education should be present at all stages of education while some others are totally against this belief.

Co-education plays a pertinent role in shaping the lives of young boys and girls as to how they will turn out to be later in their lives. At the primary educational stage, it is always advisable to have co-education as the children at that age are innocent and love to mingle with other children.

Problems of Co-Education:

The problem of co-education arises at the secondary school level, as opined by some people. It is the period of adolescence for young boys and girls. They undergo physical as well as emotional changes. Boys desire to mingle with girls of their own age and similarly, girls like to join their peer groups. Attracting the attention of the opposite sex is a major aspect during this transition.

It is pertinent at this stage for boys and girls to develop their interests, aptitude and skill for the future. So, some people believe that by having separate curriculum at the secondary level, the boys and girls will have undivided attention on their goals in life and will strive hard to achieve the same.

Advantages of Co-Education:


One of the foremost advantages of co-education is that there is cooperation between the two sexes at an early age which leads to healthy interaction and understanding. This understanding is fruitful in the later adolescent years and early adult life wherein the same boys and girls become more mature about the understanding of the opposite sexes. Another pertinent advantage which co-education ensures is broadening the mentality of young girls and boys.

Co-education ensures that adolescent boys and girls do not go with the societal stereotype. The society has restricted the thought process of the present generation. To break free from such a situation it is important to mingle with one’s peers and then shape their individual thoughts. Co-education also ensures discipline amongst students belonging to both the sexes.


Thus, even though it is alleged by many scholars that co-education has many negative issues associated with it but it is very important in the present scenario to adopt co-education. Co-education addresses the most important issue of changing and moulding the stereotypical mentality of the young boys and girls which are usually shaped by the families of the children. The same thought process leads to improper manner of thinking by boys, differences on sensitive issues and other such changes.

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