Paragraph on Consumerism (207 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Consumerism!

Consumerism is a movement that is defined as seeking to increase the rights and powers of buyers in relation to sellers.


A combination of consumer concern over rising prices and over the problems of product performance and quality are viewed as chief reasons for consumerism. Consumers are concerned about the marketing activities of companies.

They feel that marketers are not close to consumers and that marketing efforts result in consumer confusion. Despite problems, consumers are seen as still able to make sensible buying decisions. Many consumers feel that marketers sometimes manipulate consumers into unwanted purchases, but companies strongly contend that consumers still hold the ultimate weapon of not buying products. Executives support propositions to make advertising more factual and informative. They believe that consumerism will lead to companies becoming more truthful in their communications to customers.

Business is considered primarily responsible for both, causing consumer problems and resolving them Business self-regulation is still the most favoured route. Improving product quality and performance is viewed as the most constructive consumer oriented program that companies can undertake. There has to be increased sensitivity to consumer complaints.

Consumerism can be a positive competitive marketing tool. Executives also generally think that consumerism is both good for business and good for consumers.

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