Paragraph on Conventional Sources of Energy

How important are the conventional sources of energy?

Well, this is easily comprehensible from the fact that conventional energy sources will soon vanish from the surface of the earth.


One day there will be no sources left to produce electricity. Because they are non-renewable energy sources. With expanding civilization and increasing population, our energy consumption limit is not going to reduce in the future, that’s for sure. If you’re not yet aware of this, please read about the energy source replacements.

Fossil fuels, like coal, petroleum and natural gas, have been the largest sources of energy so far. But, they are non-renewable. This means the quantity of the conventional energy sources are limited. Increasing use of energy has made the developed countries dependent on the oil rich countries.

Let’s talk about oil and natural gas. Natural gas is extracted from the earth’s crust. This conventional source of energy is beneficial for commercial use. Since India has quite a large reserve of natural gas, which is the entire South Basin west coast, the big industries have been the major consumers of it. Think about the LPG. Where from it comes?

Let’s not forget water power. It’s also one of the major conventional sources of energy. The major differences between the conventional and non-conventional sources of energy are –


First, conventional sources of energy cause pollution. The energy production process emits ashes and smokes. Whereas, the non-conventional sources, like solar power, don’t.

Second, the maintenance and preservation of conventional energy are very expensive.

Third, the major sources of non-conventional energy are tides, biogas, wind, solar, biomass and geothermal. These sources generally don’t cause any harm to the environment.

So, the conventional sources of energy are precious. We need them to produce power. We need power to feed the requirement of the households and industries. However, considering their very limited reserve, we must use them with respect. Many countries are now trying to reduce their dependence on the conventional sources of energy and concentrating on increasing the use of the renewable energy sources instead. Because they have sufficient availability and they are safer for the environment as well. So, although the conventional sources of energy are important, less reliance on them is desirable.

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