Paragraph on Crime and Criminal – by Rajan Karle


Crime and criminal; these two interrelated tendencies are becoming extremely prevailing these days.


Several credible materials including the news reports and the news articles have exposed that the increasing nature of these tendencies can fetch major and larger harms to the society in future.


When the terms crime and criminal are separated it becomes very easy to understand the actual meaning of each of these tendencies. Crime is an act which does not suit to any polite person. It can be anything that can bring harm to the society. The action taken against the basic rules of the society is considered as a crime. There are certain laws or legal codes designed for the people. The person who breaks these laws or the codes is a criminal. In short, the person who does crime is called as the criminal. However, not all criminals are the actual criminals because some of them might include the people who were forced to do the crime.



Crime can be divided into several types. It varies from white collar crimes to violent crimes and crimes against property to organized crimes. There are many forms of crimes that are not yet defined. On the other hand, there are no specific categories available for the criminals. They can be categorized on the basis of their mentality, wealth, family background, and social life. Several demographic reports as well as the sociological facts also get defined with all sorts of crime. Let’s consider different types of crime and criminal.

Personal crimes:

These are the crimes that include personal ambitions such as rape, murder, theft, and provoked physical attacks. These crimes are most often committed by the people who are poor and young.

Property crimes:

These crimes never include physical harm. The stealing of property such as housebreak, breaking and entering, vehicle robbery, and jewelry theft are included under the category of property crimes. The criminals involved in this crime are similar to that in personal crimes.

Victimless crimes:

These are also called as the crimes against morality. These crimes are often free from the pursuer or victim. The examples include illegal transport and selling of the drugs, illegal gambling, and the prostitution.

Organized crimes:

Crimes committed by the specific group of people are considered as organized crimes. The criminals involved in this crime are called as the Mafia. They are accused of distributing and transporting prohibited goods. These crimes get carried out after proper planning. It has seen that many political leaders support organized crimes.

White collar crimes:

These crimes are committed by the people who possess high profile living standards. They entrust these misdeeds in the background of their profession. The examples include the insider dealings, embezzling, revenue tax laws contravention, and the tax avoidance.


Crime and criminal have no definite life that can be predicted because both of these terms directly relate to the behavior and tendency of a human. One can stop someone from doing a crime but cannot control the crime existing in the rest of the world.

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