Paragraph on Cultural Diversity of India – by Rajan Karle


Cultural diversity of India can be studied on the basis of olden times of more than thousand years.

Many studies and researches have proved that the existence of mankind in India has a huge history. It is believed that people used to live in India even in the Stone Age.



When we look into the history of India we find that people located in the several countries of this globe came to India and then got united by means of the Indian culture. As a result, several types of cultures got merged together. This is the actual reason behind cultural diversity of India. And Mother India has embraced all the cultures Person who lives in India is referred to as an Indian. However, the language, lifestyle, and body language of that person depends on the state he belongs to. All Indians are believed as the one although there is a huge assortment in their languages, working manners, arts and literatures.

Thus, cultural diversity of India has formed wisdom of unity among all Indians.


The social life of all Indians has been enriched by this diversity. The cultural diversity of India can be understood by means of the languages, festivals, religions, foods, dressing styles, and many other noticeable facts.


In India, each state has its unique language. More than 250 languages both written and spoken is known as great language family of India. Hindi is considered as the National language of this country. India is unity in Diver. India is united by the people who belong to different religions such as Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists, Parsis, etc. People celebrate every festival with a lot of fun and contentment. Some of the major festivals in India include Diwali, Dassera, Eruvak Punnam, Baisakhi, Onam, Pongal, Pateti, Buddha Pournima, Christmas, and Samvatsari. Apart from these, there are lot many other festivals such as Holi, Rangpanchami etc. Festivals strengthen the unity inside India. People from different communities participate and enjoy the festivals even if they do not belong to their religion.

Foods and clothing:


Each state has its unique food item and food habits. East,West,North and South People have different food habits..Depending on the weather, bodily features, and customs, there is a huge variety in clothing too. People live in different types of houses that are specially constructed to suit the climate conditions.


It shows that India has got an enormous diversity in many ways. The cultural diversity of India includes everything related to the Indians. Irrespective of this diversity, all Indians are one by heart. They live in harmony equally and contribute for the progress and unity and integrity of our country. The Unity in Diversity is a blessing.. This makes the India more strong and powerful.

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