Paragraph on Cultural Unity of India – by Rajan Karle


Culture a belongs to a nation. We have a rich cultural heritage because of our cultural unity.

When we look at the society and people living in it, we find that there are various types of people available who have different viewpoints, working manners, behaviors, and many other evident factors.


Then, what makes them united? What connects them together? It is the culture.

Culture makes them realize the similarity amongst them. It can be anything; similarity in the ideas or resemblance in the beliefs. These factors define the cultural unity of India. Cultural unity amidst diversity.

All Indians celebrate several types of festivals with equal pleasure. They never discriminate anyone while celebrating any festival. Since the people living in India possess different religions, each of them has some unique festivals to celebrate. For an instance, Denali is considered as the festival of Hindus, Christmas is considered as the festival of Christians and Id is a Muslim festival.

However, in India, all these festivals are celebrated every year with the fullest involvement of the people. Irrespective of caste, creed and religion. This is the cultural unity which keeps the country united. .Cultural unity goes a long way in maintaining sovereignty and integrity of our country.


Another great quality of our culture is accepting and absorbing other’s culture. The beauty of our cultural unity is that the Buddhists, Christians,Muslims,and Jains are as much Indian like any other Indian. The British,the Moguls, Portuguese and the Dutch came to India. Our culture accepted them with open arms. People living in different parts of India and whatever may be their culture becomes a part of Indian. This is another example of Cultural unity of India influenced the other cultures also. All the countries of the world learn from the cultural unity of our country.Our country which is not only diverse in climate religion language and custom and dress makes the culture composite. The cultural unity of India is a compact mighty culture.


The aforesaid points show that all Indians are connected together by means of their culture. They can not be disjoint. No weather or terrorist attack can break this unity. We not only survive but also breathe together, for our Nation. We feel free to contribute anything, even our lives, for the progress and development of India. This is what shapes the cultural unity of India.

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