Paragraph on Cycling – Its Pleasures and Advantage – by Rajan Karle


Cycling – its pleasures and advantages encompass everything that can strengthen a man physically as well as mentally.

The construction of cycle is pretty simple and it consists of three major parts viz. a pair of breaks, a handle, and a pair of pedals.


Cycling gives a lot of pleasure to someone who regularly practices it.


One can use cycle as an exercise instrument or a vehicle. Thus, the pleasures included in cycling depend on the purpose. Irrespective of the purpose, there are some common pleasures such as feels of fresh air, newer scenes, relaxation of mind etc.

When we travel around using cycle, we feel the fresh air which is absent in case of traveling in a car. We can see the outside life more closely. We become sentimental towards the social life. We completely overlook the resentment of life when we move on the cycle. Those who live into the populated cities can enjoy cycling more than those who belong to the village.

This is because the villagers have the habit of enjoying fresh air all the time. Thus, for the citizens, cycling provides many probabilities to take pleasure in the nature. The busy schedule and harsh life of the citizens make them alien to the natural sights. In this way, cycling involves a lot of pleasures that a man cannot enjoy inside a car.



Each and every factor included in cycling has its unique advantage. These advantages can be divided in many parts such as physical advantages, mental advantages etc.

Cycling helps us in improving the muscles. The regular cycling exercise strengthens the bones located in legs, hands, and other body parts that have direct involvement in cycling. When we start pedaling our legs get involved in this activity. The continuous pedaling makes our legs stronger. At the same time, we hold handles in a straight position. This activity creates the stretching of bones located in hands. As a result, our muscles and veins become stronger.

It also improves the eye vision since we continuously look in the forward direction. There is a scientific reason behind this fact. Cycling helps in regulating the blood circulation in proper manner. We become tired when we continuously pedal the cycle. As a result, we breathe speedily that generates a good respiration which is necessary for the proper circulation of the blood inside our body.

Besides these physical advantages, there are a lot many benefits included in cycling that directly affect the mental nerves of a man. Since cycling improves the blood circulation, it enables man to think in a positive manner. It removes the negativity lying inside mind. As a result, the mental nervous system of man becomes stronger.


Cycling – its pleasures and advantages can also include some other factors. When we move on cycle to certain place, we find occasion to understand the olden times and natural features of that place. We can admit the fact that the one who uses cycle is richer than the one who uses a car.

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