Paragraph on Debate Competition at School – by Rajan Karle


Debate competition at school/college/university is often considered as the one which involves the participation of students to test their knowledge on current topics and on national and international issues.


A debate is defined as the speech-fight with rules. It can also be on a particular topic or subject.


The participants get full freedom to .speak either in favor or against the topic.


The topic is generally declared half an hour before commencement of the debate..They need to list some good points regarding the given topic. To achieve this goal, all students need to prepare well regarding the current issues and controversial events. Opportunity is given to the participants to refute the points raised by the other participant..Fixed time is allotted and the participant is also alerted the time left to complete his speech. Once the time is over the participant is not allowed to continue.

All students must speak on the actual point without pushing the topic in another irrelevant subject. Generally two to three judges conduct a debate competition. They evaluate the knowledge on the subject presentation, delivery and language. Result is declared and the winners are awarded.


Debate competition is beneficial to the students. This extracurricular activity helps the student in making his/her career and recognition of his ability. It also adds five stars to the academic performance of the student who participate in a debate. Students learn how to work as a team. They become sporty. Debate improves the research skills of students. It also teaches the importance of time and time management. These debates increase the stage-freeness of students by allowing them to speak extempore in front of the crowd.



Debate competition at school always generates positive energy among the students. However, such competitions are becoming rare these days. It is the responsibility of schools to arrange such competitions for their students; so that they excel in their college and university life. More number of students should be encouraged to participate in debate competition .Winning is not important but participation is.

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