Paragraph on Democracy – by Jenny


Democracy means a government that is formed by the people of that state of country.

This is usually carried out when adult citizens of the country cast their votes to a representative for leading their country in the right manner.


This voting system is very much crucial as it decides who would be the next ruler of the country.

Benefits of Democracy:

Though there are many forms of governments, the democratic form is considered to be the best as the people of that nation. People enjoy freedom and equal rights when being in a democratic nation. India is one among the largest democratic nations in the world with different states having people from different cultures, yet having the freedom of respect and rights all throughout the nation. When being democratic, the people of the country are very much aware of their rights and also aware of the outcome from the leader that they choose.

In a democracy, the people also have the liberty to express their opinions in the public and also have the rights to criticize the government, if the government is not taking up initiatives and fulfilling their taken up duties. However while expressing views, people need to make sure that they don’t break laws and be in a problematic situation. Opinions can be conveyed in an open and out-straight manner.

Democracy is considered to be good in a manner as people select their leaders as per their choice and hence the people of the nation are very much aware of the past and activities of these representatives to whom they cast their vote. These information`s and history of these leaders are very much acquired through different means of communication like the television, radio , newspapers and many other means. These information`s make the critical decision of every voter as to whom they should cast their valuable votes and who would be their next leader.



A democratic country becomes successful only when there is active participation from both the public and the government. All that has been noted in theory should be bought to practice and with proper management and right criticism, a nation could go beyond leaps and boundaries for progression and development. India, being the largest democratic country definitely has the powers to go way beyond She is performing now, if we build up the coming young generation with proper political education and vision of what and how our country should reach.

We as a nation have a democratic experience of about more than fifty years and if put in the right manner, we could become one among the most powerful and leading countries in the world and set an example of great democratic politics to the coming generations of all nations.

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