Paragraph on Dependence by Rajan Karle


Dependence; is a situation that restricts or disables man from doing certain activities. Being dependant on something makes the person completely handicapped for that thing.


The term dependence can be defined as the opposite of independence. Independence means that you can do the things on your own without relying on anything.

For example: We celebrate an independence day every year on 15 August. It means that we got freedom on that day and became independent.


Being dependant is considered as a sign of weakness of character. Many people rely on certain things that make them either addicted or incapable. Thus, the phrase dependence has a negative approach in a man’s life. On the other hand, if a child depends on mother then this phrase turns positive in this case. This is how the approach of this term gets calculated.



There is a wide range of actions that make a man self-dependant. Let’s consider a few of those activities.

Manage money:

As a responsible person, everyone must learn the art of managing own money. Bad situations can arrive at any moment without giving the notice. So money plays the vital role in all kinds of troubling situations. Thus, we must be self-dependant when it comes to the finance. There is no situation as worse as being dependant on others for a few bucks of money.

Learn cooking:

We completely depend on the cook when it comes to the daily meals. It means that we depend on the chef. There are various benefits of being our own chef. Thus, while chasing the term self-dependant, we must consider the point of becoming own chef which allows us to save a certain amount of money as well as lets us to eat healthy food.


We must know how to act during an emergency. It is a well known thought that the people frequently left us during the terrible times. Thus, we must consider some of the emergency cases to plan the actions. We can easily implement those plans during an emergency.

Basic repairs:

We rely on the mechanics for repairing minor problems. It can be anything; from our vehicle to home appliances. We must know the basic repairing practices of these materials.

Live different:

If you truly wish to emphasize your independence then you must try to live the life with a little different approach. Stop watching television for the several days, stop using the internet especially the social networking sites for a while, go for a long walk or do anything that invigorate you.


It feels great when we realize that we are not dependant on anything. The importance of dependence can be realized through the minor practices explained above. Self-control and motivation are the two keys for achieving the goal of self-dependence. Anyone can follow these basic rules to give an impressive turn to the life.

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