Paragraph on Destiny and Courage – by Rajan Karle


Destiny and courage are two distinct terms. Destiny is considered as the predetermined.

Courage is trait of character which shapes the destiny.



All people contain certain amount of common good qualities. However, a very few people possess the courage. Courage is an exclusive feature of the humankind that not only defines him but also make his destiny. It is the aptitude of facing a fear, apprehension, pain or impediments. Destiny is nothing but the luck or fortune. You cannot handle this term because it is already determined.

However, you can always turn your luck by doing good work such as helping a poor or saving someone’s life. Each of your good actions determines your destiny. Destiny is not always powerful A courageous man with hard work can change his destiny.


It is believed that having courage is a gift of God. Not every man gets this gift. There is a huge importance for this term in a man’s life. When you have courage you stand against all odds. Courage allows you to raise your voice when you see something going wrong..Courage confirms your bravery. It allows you to do the things fearlessly.

When we compare destiny and courage, we find that destiny has got less importance than the courage. Though, destiny plays the crucial role in a man’s life. For an instance, when a particular person saves from an accident we speak that it was his destiny or luck which saved him. Thus, destiny can save you from many hazardous situations provided you have the courage to overcome it.



There are professions that need the combination of destiny and courage. Professions like doctor, police, army, and firefighters require bravery. You cannot become a police or doctor if you fear to face the situation. The courage of a policeman gets to see while handling violent mobs and criminals. The courage of firefighters gets to see when they save a small child fixed on the top floor of the burning building. The courage of army gets to see when they fight with the terrorists and in war time.

In addition to the courage, there is a destiny that makes man stronger. For example: doctors can save their patient when they have faith, police can catch criminals when they have belief, and firefighters can do their job when they are supported with the prayers. Here, the faith, belief, and prayers play the role of destiny. Thus, the courage and destiny; both plays an important role in defining your profession.


It is necessary to possess both of these features in your life. No matter if you cannot define the destiny, you can always build the courage inside you. Once you are loaded with the enough courage, there is no need to look at the destiny because courage allows you to achieve everything that you wish for.

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