Paragraph on Developing Self-Confidence – by Anand


Developing self-confidence is of utmost importance for every individual.


It helps us in better achieving the purpose in our lives.

The following are the methods in which we can develop self-confidence.

We Are The Makers Our Own Destiny:

The key to our fates and the end result of life lies in our hands. Individuals are responsible for how they play or fare in life. The same is determined by the performance of the individual over the period of his life. If the person is indulged in wrongful activities which might affect his health, he will not last long in life and writes his own fate.


A person driving negligently also faces the same problem. Fates are very rarely pre-determined; like during cases of accidents, unforeseen incidents and acts of God. We people make or break our own destiny. It is how we fare in life that we achieve whatever we do.

Having Knowledge of Things:

Knowledge is of utmost importance today. Knowledge gives us self-confidence. Knowledge gives us the ability to survive and tackle different kinds of situations. It also makes us more rational and pragmatic. People with knowledge tend to understand things quicker than others and they always weigh the pros and cons of a situation. Knowledge comes from learning.

Learned people are known to be more efficient, more sincere and more honest than the others. The human faculties are developed by knowledge. The development of human faculties ensures fair play, equal treatment and sound judgment in various different situations.

Proper Exercise for Physical and Mental Health:

Regular exercise helps in the secretion of endorphins which increases the feelings of pleasure and keeps a person in his best spirits. When in a bad mood or tensed, one should exercise so as to relive some stress. A person in a bad mood not only affects himself but also the people around him. Exercise helps in removing this negativity from a person. Mental health is equally important as physical health and exercise helps in maintaining the two.

Self-Discipline Builds Self-Confidence:

Understanding the value of discipline is one of the foremost concerns of a student before he sits down to study. Discipline is the first and foremost requisite of any individual and they should abide by it. A proper disciplined routine in life not only gives meaning to the purpose in life but also helps in maintaining the focus.


Intelligence is that ability of man which distinguishes him from the other species of the world. It is the ability which gives him the power to control the environment he resides in. man can successfully adapt to the changing environmental demands because of his power of intelligence.

Intelligence is the basis of all the development that is taking place in the world. Intelligence plays an important role in the day to day activities of life. It also helps us in achieving and maintaining information, relationships, concepts etc. Thus, intelligence is required for building self-confidence.


Thus, these factors can help an individual in building his self-confidence. It is important that every individual keeps these factors in mind.

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