Paragraph on Development of Electronics in India – by Rajan Karle


Development of Electronics in India has the remarkable history of hundred years. Electronics industry is considered as rigorous and vibrant industry all across the globe.


This industry contributes a large share in the progress and development of the country. It is a principle factor in the modern technology.


The development of electronics in India started in 1940s. It was the phase when people were new to the transistor radios. It took 1971 to achieve the complete set up for the electronic industry in India. The growth of integrated circuits and micro-integrated circuits started in 1984. At this time, India was at the primary stage and didn’t record any remarkable progress as compared to the other countries. It was the need of time to create special appearance of the country in the international market.



The fastest growing electronic industry decides the economical growth of the country. This industry has a great impact on the main sectors of the financial system. It offers an important role in increasing the efficiency as well as the output. Besides this, electronics industry immensely affects the transportation, communication, and manufacturing industries. Most part of the high tech fields depend on this industry.

The development of electronics in India has recorded a huge success. This development has reached the sectors like manufacturing, data dispensation, communication, and defense. This industry has also found applications in the medicinal fields. Let’s consider the development of this industry in various sectors.

Communication Electronics:

It is a speedily increasing field that provides a huge scope to the innovations and some of the major industrial applications. The development of powerful microcontrollers and microprocessors, optic fibres, integrated circuitries, digital methods, and semiconductors has provided a great advantage to the communication equipment.

Digital Electronics:

This is the latest form in electronics having the age of past few years. It included the development of digital items such as audio tape, mobile phones, CD players, and satellite broadcasting. The development of electronics in India got a swift turn due to the involvement of digital electronics.

Defense Electronics:

Defense Electronics plays vital role in the development of the transformers, transistors, bipolar junction transistors, and the semiconductors. Defense electronics has given precious contribution in the development of electronics in India.

Information Technology:

Nowadays, IT or information technology sector has got immense importance. However, it is also the electronics which has provided a lot of benefits to this sector. For an instance, the heart or soul of the Information Technology is a computer. Again, computer is an electronic multifunctional device. It is completely made up of electronic devices such as microprocessors, microcontrollers, integrated circuit boards, semiconductors, resistors, connection or data transfer buses etc.


India is now fully developed in the electronics sector. Many progressive Asian countries are following the footsteps of India. When it comes to the electronics development India has been continuously ranking in the top ten countries who have given different approach to this field. Still there is a more growth yet to see in the future.

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