Paragraph on Development of Prose – by Rajan Karle


Development of prose gets to see in all languages. We can notice this development by looking the past of any particular language.


Every language has its unique history. This history reveals the development of prose for that particular language.


The development of English prose has the vast history. It started in the fifteenth century. During the initial times, the poetry was little rough with a poor quality level. The poets used to be very poor by means of the subject command and the versification. However, during those times the prose literature evidenced the substantial progress. During the initial time, prose was free from the retrogression. The increased usage of prose enabled an observable boost in the skills. The beauties of cadence and rhythm increased in the fifteenth century. The plain and the ornate, these two prose styles recorded remarkable development.



Prose simply means the writing style generated in a language. Let’s understand the development of prose in English dialect. When we look at the English and the general literature available in it, we notice the origin of prose. It seems that the origin of prose is of later than that of the verse.


Prose plays an important role in writing. It not only designs the document but it also arranges the document in meaningful format. All news reports, news articles, academic writing reports, general essays, and even business documents are meaningless without the prose. Writing is one such thing that needs proper arrangement of the words. This arrangement makes the writing evocative which is necessary for increasing the enthusiasm of the readers. In short, prose is considered as the heart of writing.


Prose can be understood more deeply by comparing it with the standard verse. Initially the prose used to be more immature than the verse. Let’s consider an example of poetry. Initially the poetry was limited to a definite format like combining the rhymes. However, nowadays, poetry has crossed all the limits of imaginations. Now, poets are using a wide range of writing styles through their poems.

There exists a theory of development in prose. It can be either logical or historical. Sometimes it is concealed or hidden and sometimes it is fully explored. It requires time for the development of idiom. It takes time for representing the arranged sequence and succession. For an instance, it takes time to write the script for a movie. Initially the movie script gets printed in a rough format. Then it gets revised over and over again. At the end, the resulting script gets proofread to produce the final script. In the same manner, the development of prose passes through a series of processes. The standard of development in prose gets applied to the specific prefecture of prose.


The study of the development of English prose should be started in its customary and historically un-folded way. The English prose took speedy turn in the fifteenth century. People got to know the richness of prose. This richness is still alive and will live forever till the literature exists.

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