Paragraph on Development of Village – By Silki


In my own native land, there is a significant number of the population that lives below the poverty line.

This impoverished sector of society is usually situated in villages or the rural areas or, coming from such an environment.


Yet, this sector can still have opportunities to overcome, if not, alleviate poverty. It is through assisting and giving the poor and village people the empowerment or aspects of responsibility and control in development of village. This is not simply philanthropy, but it is rather an effective and unique program and approach towards social, environmental, economic, and political sustainability.

Village Development Purpose:

Development of village commences with the establishment of a committee to structurally organize and mobilize people in the villages to build a genuine and working partnership with their community and the public sector to advance the public interest. The committee will be articulating a plan geared towards the aspirations, improvements, and needs of the community. Foremost, the plan is to brainstorm suitable and sustainable projects relevant to the requirements of the community.

The requirements are varied and range from irrigation, medical and dental services, livelihood, farm-to-market channels and roads, agricultural or aquatic infrastructures, and technological improvements through conducting research, seminars and educational missions. Thus, generating ideas is the key to improving a village while embarking on its main purposes.

The aim in the development of village is a serious challenge and endeavor. It is helping village people and rural communities to be empowered in order to improve the quality of their existence and uproot poverty through the promotion of economic development, health, education, charity, democracy, and the environment. However, socioeconomic success could only be realized when there is a strong commitment to empowerment. Therefore, the committee must build a profound, competent and strong sense of proprietorship; for which, it shall continuously benefit the community towards the longer term and become an institutional fixture for the village.

Village Development Programs:


Whereas ideas are necessary for empowering people in the development of village, funding is also important to launch certain programs of development. Thus, the introduction of any business skills and livelihood programs to raise income must avail access to financing or credit. But most of the time, funding for developmental activities and economic improvement are provided to these communities in exchange of supporting causes, programs and promotions, advertisements and marketing of sponsoring organizations from the public sector.

Examples of such are tree-planting programs, wherein a certain rate is secured for every tree planted; patronizing products for agricultural applications from multi-national corporations, wherein incentives and bonuses are gained for every quota reached or consumed; and, government subsidies or grants to support worthy community projects and livelihood programs.


Therefore, for as long as there is an existing big disparity in some areas of the country, civil society is dictated by prudence and the communal spirit of cooperation to address the pressing urgencies for the development of village. This worthy and rewarding endeavor must be humanity’s share towards creating a harmonious and fair co-existence in our native land. It is truly a social responsibility for the rest of our lives.

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