Paragraph on Dignity of Labor – by Rajan Karle


Preserving the dignity of labors has become the need of modern age. The actual concept of dignity involves everything related to the labors and their life.

Nowadays, a wrong message has spread amongst the person that hiring or paying a manual labor is a sign of richness or power. In other words, some groups of people are still undignified towards the labors.



The mistaken meaning of the word labor is the actual reason that makes many people undignified about the labors. There are three stages of the prosperity viz. the upper or higher class, the middle class, and the lower or poor class. Basically, people who belong to the poor class are often the people working as manual labors in several work sectors. They need to work hard to earn their daily bread and butter. Most of the times, they work on daily payment basis. Therefore, everyday they need to search for the work. Each day brings a newer work to them. However, many times they need to spend an empty day because of lack of the work.

The work of labors usually includes the work that doesn’t need high skills or the work which is manual with no technical skills inside. The labors cannot complete proper education because several reasons. As a result, they don’t get involved in the tasks that are meant for an educated person. Therefore, they receive less compensation as compared to those educated people. Therefore, it has become necessary to preserve the dignity of labors by equally contributing them in all kinds of tasks.


One of the superlative ways to sustain the dignity of labors is to teach them the basic skills of particular work. We must train them accordingly to make them realize that they are also a part of the work-chain. They should be motivated for doing hard tasks that involve the usage of brain instead of the body.

Another way to maintain the dignity of labors is to pay them equally. It has seen that labors are always given a less importance when it comes to the remuneration. This creates the negative phase inside their mind that stops them from doing a progress. Therefore, they should be compensated well as well as there should be stable growth in their salary.


One more thing that can help sustain the dignity of labors is to give them a fixed or permanent work. This can give them a surety of tomorrow’s bread and butter. They often need to change their job when the work ends. As a result, they don’t feel secure by many ways. Giving them a permanent or long term work is the best way to sustain their dignity.


We should never compare people on the basis of their occupation or work. Instead, we must learn to respect all people equally. Labors play the crucial role in maintaining the work cycle. They are the primary factor of all kinds of work. Hence, they must be respected as equally as the senior members.

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