Paragraph on Domestic Animals – by Supriya


Domestic animals are the group of animals who are maintained or raised in captivity in order to be used for entertainment or to provide services and products to human beings.


Through the system of domestication these animals are raised and exploited in a number of ways.

The list of these animals includes various species of cats, dogs, donkey, cows, buffaloes, monkeys, camel, sheep, cattle etc.

What can be done to protect domestic animals from cruelty?

Cruelty on domestic animals needs to be taken very seriously by each and every citizen and the governments of various countries. Cruelty on domestic animals is a crime.


Following steps must be taken to protect domestic animals from cruelty:

a. Special laws must be made by the government to report animal cruelty. Local animal shelters, local police centers or local animal’s veterinarian centers can be made for the same.

b. Laws related to animal legislation in every state must be introduced. These laws must cover animal abuse laws and an advocate for such legislations so that necessary steps could be taken on time.

c. Educate children because they are the future generation. Children must be taught to show kindness and love towards animals. Parents & teachers can play a very big role here.

d. Form communities to foster pet homes. This can help people to participate against animal cruelty.

e. Spread public awareness. This can give a chance to people to join hands with local animal shelters and take the necessary steps required.

f. Giving financial support. People can participate in the animal rescue shelter or organization and give financial support in the form of donations, food, money or various other supplies.


No individual on earth has a right to be cruel to domestic animals. This is because like human beings, animals are also living beings. Domestic animals fail to communicate but their grief and pain can be seen in their eyes when treated in a wrong manner by human beings. They also feel pain when abused or used in any way to fulfill the selfish motives of human beings. Hence domestic animals must be treated with love, affection and should be given proper food and shelter.

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