Paragraph on Duties of Student – by Supriya


Students are the future generation. If they are taught to be disciplined & treated justly they will carry out their responsibilities in order to face various challenges in life.

But the current scenario is very different. Students today are extremely vulnerable & are subjected to all kinds of exploitation in many ways.


Students need special attention and care & must be protected from exploitation, for them to lead a successful life. To become good citizens, students must discharge some duties. The duties & rights of the students are divided into 4 categories.

Duties towards themselves:

This is the first & foremost duty of the students. They must learn to have good health. This can be done by participating in sports & games. Character formation should go hand in hand. It includes good habits, manners & etiquette. High thinking & simple living should be their prime motto. Education is the system that can make it happen. So students must pay full attention towards their studies to determine their future.

Duties towards the family:

Students also owe some duties towards their family as well. It includes their teachers, elders & parents. Parents introduce them into this delightful & beautiful world. So it is the responsibility of students as well to repay this huge debt that they owe to their parents. Students owe to their teachers & elders too who are responsible for guiding them towards becoming responsible and respectable members of society.

Duties towards nation & society:

Whatever an individual becomes in his/her life, the society helps them to become so. As social beings, students can participate in a big way to eradicate social evils like untouchability, dowry, child marriage, etc. As literate citizens students can also participate in spreading literacy & creating awareness among the villagers about their democratic rights. The students are the future builders of a nation. They need to have political consciousness. Students must develop a sense of discipline.

Duties towards mankind:


The prime duties of students are to study and keep abreast of current issues. Students should avoid the internal affairs of politics so that political parties can not exploit them. They should have the zeal to serve their mother land. The students cannot be isolated from a social and public life. Discipline and love for the country will go a long way in realizing the noble virtue of patriotism.

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