Paragraph on Effects of Telling Lies – by Anand


Lying is a negative habit which is easily influenced by people so as to either get away with something or to keep things on an even keel.


There are some people who are pathological liars. They lie for anything and everything. On the other hand, there are people who lie occasionally to escape guilt. Whatever the case, lying is not a healthy habit and it is something which has been taught to us since childhood by our parents to be wrong. People who lie are conscious of the fact that they are lying and this makes them even guiltier.

Causes of Telling Lies:

There are many reasons why people tell lies. The primary reason is to escape guilt. People lie to others so that the blame which is on their head shifts to that of the other person. By this, people try to get away with the guilt which they have actually committed. Another reason why people lie is when they come under pressure.

The pressure that is pushed upon them often makes them lie. For instance, a teenager who craves for acceptance in his social circle will go to the extent of lying about his personal things so as to remain part of the group. Another cause for lying is to avoid an unpleasant situation which could be avoided by simply lying.


Consequences of Telling Lies:

Lying has many effects on both the person who is lying and to the person who is being lied to. Lying is falsely saying something to someone when one knows that it is not the truth. Thus, by lying, one is misleading the other person who might suffer some injury or harm in the process. Sometimes, lying might also lead to the actual blame being shifted upon another person who is completely innocent and might not even be aware of the situation.

This causes unnecessary prejudice and inconvenience. Lying also has psychological effect on the person who lies. Such a person always remains nervous because of his guilt. That person tends to take hasty decisions and remain distracted almost all the time.

How to Overcome the Habit of Telling Lies?

The habit of telling lies can be overcome by self-restraint. An individual can exercise self-restraint so that whenever he feels like lying, he stops himself from doing so and tells the truth. Also, another way to stop lying is by trying to not indulge in any negative activities which might later push us to lie to others. One must always understand that lies always affect the people close by. It might also lead to hurt or injury to others. Thus, the aforementioned factors should stop the person from lying.


Thus, there are many negative effects of telling lies. It is important that an individual understands the consequences of lying and thereby stops to do the same. This would help make him a better individual and person in the society.

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