Paragraph on Evil Effects of Cinema– by Supriya


Cinema and its popularity in modern life is beyond measure. Entertainment plays a very important role in our lives today.

Every individual needs entertainment to overcome stress & boring chores of day to day life. Cinema is a very big source of entertainment today.


Movies are enjoyed by people of all ages. At some point we can resemble ourselves with the character of the movie that we are watching. But the evil or ill effects of Cinema on the young generation can not be ruled out.

Role of cinema today:

Modern man turns towards Cinema for entertainment and thereby gets away from realistic form of entertainment. In witnessing cinema we escape realities of life for 2 to 3 hours. In Cinema we get engrossed in themes like action, thrill and romance. The Cinema also distorts the realities of life. Viewers rarely get a real life perspective in Cinema. Youth get inspired to act upon what they observe in Cinema. Many school killings use weapons by susceptible teenagers are because of the fantasy ideas shown in Cinema. It is really difficult for us to sit with the entire family & watch the modern movies.

Some films are visualized so bad that it passes on evil messages to the audiences. This results in giving rise to various types of crimes. Some films affect the morality of our society. A lot of films promote gambling, smoking, drinking, murder, prostitution etc. Violence in Cinema has daunting effect on the juvenile mind and sometimes their behavior also become violent. Parents need to spend more time with their children and keep them out of violent and adult movies. Children’s minds are not properly developed.


These days the inspiring & noble films are hardly seen anywhere. All most all cinemas are commercial. Now it’s high time that the government should wake up & take actions against it. If everything goes as per the expectations of people the cinema could become our guide, a true friend & a philosopher of people located in various parts of the world. Cinema can play a big role in shaping the lives of people all around the world.

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