Paragraph on Facebook Friendships – by Anand


Facebook friendships have become a new trend with the advent of social networking websites.


The maximum of such friendships are happening on the social networking site, Facebook.

It is more than easier to be connected to people in the other end of the world via Facebook these days. With the help of only a few clicks of the mouse, one may be able to build up friendships with a person residing in another continent.

Real Friends and Facebook Friends:

There is a huge difference between friends in real life and friends in virtual life. Real friends are usually our buddies, pals and acquaintances whom we have known for the best part of our lives. They are the people who know us for the person we are and they understand our feelings and emotions. However, in Facebook we are friends with people whom we are oblivious to.


They are at best, our virtual friends. They do not have a clue about us nor do we have any about them. This happens on Facebook because on this forum, anyone can become friends with anyone with just one click of the mouse.

Some Fruitful Friendships:

Once you determine that the person sending a friend request to you is a genuine person who is a friend of a friend or a long lost pal etc you can accept the request and engage in a conversation with them. It’s very rare that friendships created on Facebook get to the point of realization when the two people actually meet each other in person and hang out with each other. Other than this, a majority of friendships fall short of being called an actual friendship and is only limited to chatting over Facebook.

Fake Profiles Pretending to be Friends:

Facebook has a lot of fake profiles which have been made by malicious users, criminals and other stalking men and women. These profiles bear the same information and photos as that of one’s friends to lure the latter innocent people to accept their requests. Once the request is accepted, these fake profiles get complete license to view all the personal information of the targeted people and may indulge in objectionable behavior with them. Such fake profiles have been the cause of misery and trauma of many people on Facebook, especially girls.

Measures To Prevent Fake Friends:

To prevent from fall prey to the fake profiles on Facebook one has to change his or her privacy settings on Facebook. In this way, a person can stop another person from posting any objectionable pictures or comments on the former’s wall. One can also report or abuse the fake profile with the appropriate settings. This way a person can stay safe from such maniacs who operate on the internet and disturb other people.


Facebook friendships are virtual friendships and are no where hear to the actual friendship which a person shares with another person. The emotions and feelings of a person cannot be shared on an online portal and happiness or joy can be experienced by merely typing those words on the chat box. It is high time that people realized that Facebook friendships do not reach the point of realization most of the time.

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