Paragraph on Female Foeticide in India – by Shanu

One would agree that there are atrocities on women all over the world; however it is shameful to say that we Indians have devised a much better way of doing this.

We kill women even before they have the opportunity to take birth. Female foeticide in India is one of the greatest social evils of our times.


It refers to the selective abortion of female fetuses. It is the most heinous and cruel act of crime that an individual can do. It is disgraceful that women not only have to face inequality at the hands of this male chauvinist society, but they are also denied their right to be born.

What are the Reasons for it?

One of the simplest and the profound causes of female foeticide in India is the mentality of the general population. Almost 3 in 10 would be parents would tell you that birth of a male child is beneficial for the family. You will find many parents who would welcome the birth of male child. Traditionally, it is believed that a male child is a source of all things- money, respect, name and fame.

On the other hand, a girl child is considered to be a financial obligation, as the investment on bringing her up educating her will not be returned. It is sad, but this is the way our patriarchal society thinks. Another main reason for an increase in female foeticide is the practice of Dowry. Dowry refers to the cash payment made by the bride’s family to the groom’s family during marriage. It is the most commonly practiced custom in India and sometimes the sums involved are substantial.

May be it is the reason that the Indian weddings are called Big Fat Indian Wedding. As no one would ever wish to have a financial burden on them, therefore, most of the parents do not want a girl child. Actually, the mind-set of some has found such low levels that they would even look down on those who have a daughter born in their house. Thus, it is the thinking of people which needs to be changed if female foeticide has to be stopped.

How can we prevent It?


The fundamental solution lies in the education. Strict measures such as permanent cancellation of doctor’s license who directly or indirectly partakes in such activities should be taken. Ignorance is one of the major causes of female foeticide in India. Thus, various seminars and campaigns must be organized for educating the youth and the potential parents about the ill effects of female foeticide.


One evil begets another. Quite rightly, female foeticide in India has in turn resulted in an increase in illegal trafficking of women in many areas. It is also the cause of skewed sex ratio in India. In fact the situation in some places is so serious that there are only 1000 girls for 8000 male in these regions. Essentially, there is a need of a coercive and concerted effort to eradicate this evil from its very root. At least let us not be murderers of our own flesh and blood.

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