Paragraph on Folk Culture in India – Rajan Karle


Folk culture always gets described on the basis of simplicity involved in it. The main origin of the folk culture begins with the aboriginal culture.

This culture plays an important role in a man’s life. The old culture is always considered as the innate, a part, and a model of man’s life. The Indian folk culture has got the spiritual and sacred background.



Though the basis of Indian folk culture has got religious touch, it is must independent of the religion, caste, and many other discriminating things. Indians showcase their folk culture in many ways. They present folk culture by means of a worship, mores, customs, devotional songs, rituals, dramas, and dance. By this, they not only reveal but also present the unknown truths regarding the country. The folk culture gets presented in many forms and various styles.

Indian Folk Art:

India has got its unique folk art. The foremost features of this art are the simplicity and attractiveness. This art lives in accord with the basic natural processes, by creating the excellent synchronization with the changing climates and weathers. They possess the tranquility of life by giving an exhaustive notch for the beauty. Indian folk art gives the natural clutch of attractive forms and adornments. Let’s consider an example of the Music. It is an Indian art. There is a wide range of folk songs available that represent the beauty of Indian culture. The Indian folk music includes all forms such as love, feelings, emotions, lullabies etc. It also includes the folk songs on special events such as songs on plough, planting, harvesting, rejoicing etc. The Indian folk music also provides special attention on the wedding environment.

Indian Folk Crafts:

Indian folk crafts play an imminent role in explaining the folk culture of India. Many handcrafted garments, handcrafted machines, embroideries, and many more evident the beauty of Indian folk crafts. These crafts speak about the ancient times. The handcrafted garments most often possess special manufacturing techniques that involve the traditional designs. Some garments possess a religious touch by drawing or weaving the swastika, circle or lotus. The embroidery work given by the Indian folk artists carries a special meaning. The Kashmir is famous for the production of woolen shawls. We can see some excellent forms of shady red and furnished spun clothes in Punjab. One more handcrafted clothe form gets to see in the Gujarat. They are called as Ghagra and Choli. These clothes receive special attention from the person who watches it for the first time.

Religious Folk Art:

In many religions, people worship animals as their God. The believe cow as the mother. In short, they consider that all things, animals or elements available in the nature are predetermined. However, the folk culture available in different religions has given the equal importance.



In today’s age, it has become necessary to preserve the folk culture. We should encourage the folk culture as well as we should support the people who are maintaining the life of this culture.

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