Paragraph on Friends and Friendship…A Gift of God to the Planet – by Shanu

Friendship is a unique bonding between two persons or more who care for each other.

A friend is the closest person, the one who gets the good or bad news from you before anybody else.


This person knows that you don’t like tomato sauce on your sandwiches as much as you know that your friend is very fond of chocolate ice-cream. Friends and friendship can be said to be one of God’s best gift to this universe.

Friends can be of the same age group, friendship can be between brother and sister or even with a person who is old enough to be your grand parent. Friendship is to be found very often between animals and humans for instance with our pets at home. Many wildlife researchers and activists often become friends of the animals they are studying or protecting from calamities.

Make Friends with good heart:

Friendship is a beautiful relationship and builds the character of the persons involved. It helps in understanding personalities, to learn to appreciate the feelings and aspirations of other human beings, to learn to make sacrifices though this may lead to a personal loss. The best though is that a person is able to enjoy the pleasures and true happiness brought about by friends and friendship.

While making new friends one needs to be careful about the type of people they are associating with. Many people in this world are greedy, selfish or jealous and such people may try to be friends because the person has with them things they don’t possess. For instance many may want to be a friend because the other person is rich in the hope of making some gain in the future.


Many people may want to be friends because the other person is a prominent person in society and would like others to know about the friends they have. True friends have been deserted or done away with because a person sees his own growth and prosperity if the friend does not exist anymore as in the case of Julius Caesar and Brutus.

Learn from your friends:

It is very important to be able to know the true qualities of a person trying to become a friend in a subtle manner. There is a chance that the other person is worthy of being called a friend but the friendship is lost due to the act of finding out the background. Many a time the true character gets revealed over a period of time, since God has made everyone intelligent enough to realize what is good or bad for him. The earlier the people faking friendship are got rid of, the less damage there will be in a person’s life.

How to select friends:

Life is difficult to live without friends and friendship. Every person needs to realize that true friends last throughout their own life. Being good to friends and being helpful in times of their need and suffering brings a subtle sense of satisfaction. Seeing good friends prospering and being happy is also a great happiness which money cannot buy. Therefore forming friendship is an art which everyone should learn.

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