Paragraph on Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October


Gandhi Jayanti – 2nd October is the birth date of Mahatma Gandhi. He is well-known by the name Bapuji.

In India, he also referred to as the father of the nation. In the admiration of his birthday, India celebrates Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October every year.



Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi or simply Mahatma Gandhi was one of the social fighters who gave their life to make the India independent. Throughout his life, he taught the lessons of non-violence to the entire world. He is always considered as an icon of the truth and tranquility. His birthday is renowned as the Gandhi Jayanti in India whereas the same day is celebrated as the International Non-Violence Day to preserve the memories of Bapuji.

The birthplace of Bapuji is Porbunder, which is a tiny village located in Gujarat state. At this place, in 1869, this Mahatma got birth and India received a precious ornament. He needed to depart to the U.K. for studying the law. After that, he went to the South Africa to practice the law. He got married at a very small age of 13. His wife, Kasturba, played an important role in turning a simple man into the Mahatma. Throughout the life, Gandhiji never left the thoughts of simplicity. He often used to wear dhoti. He never supported the addictions of drugs, alcohol, and smoking. He lived a life as pure vegetarian.

Gandhi Jayanti Celebration:

On this day, all government offices, private sectors, banks, and schools stay closed. It is the best tribute given to the Rashtrpita or Father of the Nation. People pay worship to Bapuji in the morning and spend the entire day with the family. In this way, they show their respect towards Bapuji. Many schools celebrate this event on the day next to the Gandhi Jayanti. In schools, guests come to deliver moral speeches to the students. Throughout their speech, they explain the lifestyle of Bapuji and instruct students to follow the footsteps of this great soul. All students listen to their speeches and implore to become a non-violent person. They also sing patriotic songs. Many schools arrange competitions such as drawing competition, running competition, long jump competition etc.

As a tribute to this great soul, Indian government has given his photo on all Indian rupee notes. Besides this, many postal stamps include the photograph of Bapuji.



Gandhiji never violated anyone, any animal or a living being. Even he never broke any of the rules. He was against the fighting actions that could create violence in the country. According to him, all problems can be solved in a peaceful way, without giving harm to anyone. For that, he created the phrase called Satyagraha. This phrase allows people to hold a strike in peaceful manner. They can get their demands fulfilled by means of a Satyagraha.


The entire world loves Mahatma Gandhi for an uncountable number of reasons. The thoughts given by Bapuji are meaningful. We can employ his thoughts into our work to live a peaceful and tension free life.

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