Paragraph on Gardeners – by Anand


A gardener is the life and soul of a garden. Garden is a place where plants, trees and shrubs are cultivated.


Usually, one can find fountains and benches which have been put up for the general public. A visit to the garden is always a fulfilling experience. There is an ancient garden in the heart of our town which is very beautiful and visited by many. The garden acted as the lung of the city and a boon to the people residing around it. It was all because of the gardeners who kept the garden in the best of its health.

Daily Life of the Gardener:

The life of the gardener begins early in the morning when he wakes up and after having a small meal, leaves for the garden. He takes his equipments like clutters, sickle, cutters, pesticides etc with him. He travels on his cycle. After reaching the garden, he immediately begins work without any delay.

He works continuously till noon or till the period he is done with watering the plants and cutting the extra grass that has grown. He comes back home during lunch time as his home is usually nearby the garden. And then again, he returns in the afternoon to do water the plants. Though it is a mundane life, for the gardener, it is a source of livelihood.


The Work of the Gardener:

The work of a gardener is mainly to maintain the garden by keeping it clean and fresh. The moment one sets foot in the garden, a fresh new life springs up within. The garden has a huge gate which is designed in the architecture which was prevalent centuries before. One can find mango and pine trees in plenty which reach great heights. These trees provide the people with the much needed cool shade and the gardener’s job is to see that the trees do not have any fungal growth. The cool and crisp grassy lawns are very well maintained by the gardener.

However, the most important part of the job of the gardener is maintaining the flower-bed. It is the most beautiful part of the garden. These flower-beds make the garden a colourful place amidst the greenery. The gardener waters them two times a day and removes any extra growth. The air in the garden smells of sweet perfume which refreshes the mind and freshens one up. This happens because of the efforts put in by the gardener.

One can find trees, fruits and flowers in the garden which are a rarity. Jasmines, Roses, Daisies, Narcissuses are a few of the species of flowers which can be seen. These species of flowers require extra care and attention for their maintenance. The gardener ensures that the same requirements are met. The gardener ensures that the beauty and grandeur of the garden is unmatchable.


The garden is a paradise on earth only because of the efforts put in by the gardener. He toils each day to make the garden look beautiful. He does not take much credit for his work but one can appreciate the same by appreciating the beauty of the garden.

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