Paragraph on Generation Gap – Rajan Karle


Generation gap can be defined in many ways. Usually, generation gap is considered as the gap between the two people who are of different ages.

In fact, it is a gap between the thinking powers of two different aged people.



Generation gap is nothing but the dissimilarity in the imagination levels and insights in the people who belong to the different age groups. It is a gap created between the two generations that make them completely unique from each other. It can also be defined as the difference between the thinking power of the younger and older generations. This gap creates a huge list of differences among them. This list can include anything such as behavioral differences, acceptance differences and attitude difference etc. More often, this gap creates a lot of misunderstanding and intolerance between two generations.


The signs of generation gap can be seen everywhere. For an instance, father and his child have a long generation gap between them. The thinking power of a child and the same of his father will be obviously different from each other. The point of view of both of them will be completely different from each other. A child who is immature and younger cannot guess the hidden dangers in certain things that his parents can easily realize. Thus, lack of perceptive and the increment of misinterpretation are two major signs that denote the generation gap.


With the passage of time and with experience one becomes matured. An elderly person gains experience through hazards of life which moulds his thinking power. Hence, that person possesses a huge thinking power than the person who is younger to him. The mental wave length and mental equation of both the age group are different. Thus, it is wisely said that the experience teaches the man to that extent that a book or school cannot teach through the classroom sessions. The outer world is completely different and there are a few rules to abide to face the grim realities of life. The one who doesn’t follow these rules surely comes across the problems. Thus, everyone needs a guide or knowledgeable person who is older in age, to provide the direction while making important decisions.


A communication is the only way that eliminates all problems attached with the generation gap. It is well said that the communication makes the relation powerful but the stillness kills it in every possible way. Thus, there should be the proper communication between two generations. In this way, they can share their thoughts, knowledge, and ideas. A child can also become a teacher to his father or someone older. It is seen that people have mistaken the term generation gap. In fact, this term should be pronounced in a positive way since it is the only way to learn the newer things and learn to face of life.



We should always try to decrease the generation gap by means of trust and communication. There exists a lot of things that yet to be understood by us. We can learn those things from the one who is younger or older than us. There should not be any inhibition in learning from any age group.

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