Paragraph on Generosity (400 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Generosity!

In a laymen’s term generosity means ‘goodness’. In today’s world it is very hard to find people with good hearts or generous people.


But still each one of us expects generosity from others at times. There is always a ray of hope as far as generosity is concerned.

A genuine person has the following characteristics-

Respect, love and care:


A generous person always give a lot of respect, love and care to everyone they come across (no matter young or old).


A generous person always has mercy for others especially towards those who are poor, ill and disabled.

Abide by the rules, regulations & code of conduct:

A generous person never tries to break the rules, regulations and code of conduct as set by an institution or organization, family or society.

Work for the betterment of the society:

A generous person always tries to work towards the betterment of his/ her society or nation as a whole. He/ she never pay attention to his/ her personal interest first ignoring the interest of mankind and society.

Calm and sensible:

A generous person always remains calm & sensible no matter what the situation is. He/ she will never ever try to show anger and disrespect towards others (not even to those who deserves it). Instead of focusing towards the shortcomings of others generous people try to neglect their faults & adapt themselves in that situation.

Take full responsibility of mistakes:

A Generous person never blame others or situations for his/ her mistakes. Instead he/ she take the entire responsibility for the mishap or loss that has occurred.

Generosity is not a gift of God but an attribute which develops with time in individuals. Many great people are seen in the world today such as Warren Buffett, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Laxmi Mittal. They are super successful and are ruling the world. They all are very different from each other. The only common characteristic which makes them similar is “generosity”. We may say that generosity has taken them where they are standing today.

However at times it becomes very difficult to be generous always. But the benefit overweighs the loss because generosity can give you success, happiness, well being and mental peace. So we need to wake up. It’s high time for all of us to realize the importance of generosity in our lives.

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