Paragraph on Girl Guide Rally – Rajan Karle


Girl Guide rally is a movement that protests against the increasing deaths of girl child.

It is way of making the society alert regarding the importance of feminine gender. It is way to save the thousands of girl child that get killed every day, every month, and every year.



In our so called highly educated society, women are still given a lower importance as compared to the men. It is a blind belief that the women cannot carry her own career or cannot possess her own admirations. Men are considered as the surviving person of the family. According to old thoughts, men are made to work and earn whereas women are made to take care of the family. This thought is completely wrong showing the inequality between two genders.


In this century, still there are some people or groups of people who think a girl child as burden. They think that girls need to take a lot of care throughout their life. Is this the truth? No, girls can never be the burdens. The increment in such negative thoughts gives raise to the increased activities that involve killing of a girl child. It has seen that many parents take Sono-graphy tests that detect the child gender growing the fetus of the women. And when the child gender is detected as feminine they kill that child inside the fetus.


Girl Guide rally plays an important role in saving the girl child. There are various ways to protest against these kinds of violent actions that take the life of a girl child who has not yet seen the outer world. These rallies are supported as well as encouraged in many countries where the girl child death has reached the peak level. There are some methods to plan, implement, and arrange a Girl Guide rally.

Rally form:

Proper planning is the primary stage for arranging any kind of rally. If the rally is about saving a girl child then it must be planned with a little different approach. Prior to start a Girl Guide rally, it is necessary to check out how many people are supporting the rally. It is also essential to know the number of people who will actually attend the rally. After that, it is necessary to create slogans regarding the issue. Once the slogans are created, one of the slogans must be decided as the common slogan to shout. Creating the charts, giving a dress code, and the arrangement of the people are some of the important factors to make the rally successful. It is also necessary to get permission for the rally, from the local police station.



We should consider girl as a gift given by the God. If a girl can give birth to the men then she can achieve or do anything. We must respect the feminine gender. While arranging the rallies, it is necessary to make a proper planning so that it will not disturb the road traffic or silence zone areas like hospitals or schools.

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