Paragraph on God Created Man … His Best Creation – by Shanu

God created man in his own image as is said so and is widely accepted. God created all the other animals, reptiles, insects and the beautiful trees, plants and flowers as well.

We see around us the wisdom of God in his creations. Plant and animal life basically provide sustenance for each other and humans as well.


However man does not play this role in the same manner as the other forms of life do so. Man is the best of God’s creation since he is blessed with a brain with which he can think and plan to do various things unlike the other creations of God which live only for a specific purpose and nothing beyond that.

What made him do this?

What is so different in a human brain from that of the other species which inhabit the earth? The human brain is able to be curious. It wonders why things occur, what can be done given a state of conditions. For instance nature has provided animals in cold regions of the earth with thick warm furry skin, but man is not equipped with this sort of protection.

Over the thousands of years man has been able to preserve himself by acquiring the ability to harness the goodness of fire to keep warm; man also has learnt that the skins of animals which are killed for food can be made into warm clothes. In the long journey of mankind on earth he has been able to harness the power of the wind, the air and water to make life easier for himself. However the brain of the human being is very complicated and can get set on devious paths of wanton destruction of nature, fighting, killing and various heinous acts which bring about sadness in other humans. Jealousy of others is another negative aspect of the human brain.

What all things we must avoid?

God does help human beings to ward off the evil aspect of the brain in many ways. He appears in the form of man to guide them and to set them on the rightful path. Many a man realizes the harmful traits of the powerful brain endowed by God. Man also thinks and preaches virtues which others can learn. Many take to working for the down trodden and saving the fine gifts of God.

Value your Importance:


God’s best creation is more often than not, aware that he can do nothing much without the blessings of God and it is necessary to maintain peace, be kind and good to the inhabitants of our earth. Instead of pretending that he is the master of all he sees, he realizes to appreciate the greatness of God and pray to him for welfare and happiness.

Our planet the earth has many forces which are hostile to all living things. Since the other forms of life can only do things for the purpose they are created for, it is solely left to man to be able to appreciate the great goodness of God, his merciful attitude and to use his brain for the entire benefit of our planet.

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