Paragraph on Good Behavior – by Rajan


Good behavior gets respect in every corner of the world. It is considered as an ornament of a man’s character.

In this world, a person is often examined on the basis of his or her behavior which speaks of his culture.



Good behavior can be anything which is done with a warm heart. All those things that possess a good intention, a good salutation, greetings, polite speech, and good manners are considered as good behavior. A man following good behavior always receives esteem and love of the entire world. Conversely, a man who has cruel nature is often ignored by the world. Signs of bad behavior include abusive language, wrong face expression, angry, reactive nature, and much more negative qualities.


It is necessary to maintain a good behavior while living in a social world. We must offer respect towards all living beings. We should learn to respect human beings as well as animals. There are several practices that bring goodness in behavior. We must adopt those good qualities to become a man with good behavior.


We can maintain our behavior in numerous ways. Some of these ways are explained below.

Good behavior includes gentleness and esteem towards our parents, teachers, relatives, friends, women, elders and animals. It costs nothing to show respect but in return we receive much more precious things such as love, respect, admiration etc. In short, it is a way to catch many hearts. One can buy or borrow the good qualities but one has to develop them. A person learns these qualities gradually. Thus, we must show respect to receive the same in return. For this, we can connect our day to day speech with some simple words such as thank you, sorry, please, dear, sir or madam.


These words show good manners of a person. Does it cost anything to speak these words? Nothing, these words cost nothing but their usage and presence can definitely please someone. Good behavior of a child speaks more about his family. It shows that the child has been brought up in a well mannered family. Traditions play an important role in growing good manners. Courtesy costs nothing.


Person having good behavior often gets respected. He can do many difficult tasks through his good behavior. Communication plays an important role in showing our good manners. In this way, we can win many hearts. We can live a peaceful life when we are polite. A man with good behavior is always fair to the truth and to others. Good behavior and pleasant manners leave an indelible impression on others and become an example for others.

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