Paragraph on Good Manners (460 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Good Manners!

A person having good manners leads a graceful life. Good manners start by showing courtesy and politeness towards others.


We should listen more and speak less. We should be soft while talking to others. We should try to keep calm and never lose our temper.

Good manners also include kindness and respect towards our teachers, elders, woman and children. Good manners cost nothing much but win many hearts. Good manners cannot be borrowed from someone but one has to cultivate them with time. It’s a key towards perfectionism. A person who has good manners is always loved & respected by all. People are judged by their good behavior. The words “please”, “Thank you”, “Sir”, “Dear” “Madam”, & “Sorry” cost nothing but can be used to please others.

A person having good manners carries sunshine wherever he goes. Good manners make you avoid talking nonsense. Good manners are mandatory for every individual especially children’s.

A child having good manners is loved by all. No one likes a child having bad manners. Good manners also include table manners such as- we should not speak while eating, we should never leave the dining table till others finish eating, we should cover our mouth with a handkerchief while sneezing. The best part of good manners is to abide by the rules and regulations such as- standing in a queue, avoid damaging public property, keep silent in a library and follow rules as instructed.


Good manners can make you a gentle person. It also keeps you away from evil deeds. Good manners lead to sensibility and dignity. To inculcate good manners you just need to have a strong will power towards achieving every bit of it.

Family atmosphere plays a major role in shaping a person with good manners. This is due to the fact that family is the only place where you learn how to behave in different situations with various people (having different temperaments & tastes). Childhood is the best time to cultivate noble qualities like hard work, honesty, punctuality, etiquettes and so on.

Good manners can make you stand out of the crowd in the society and ultimately making you a useful person of the society.

To summarize good manners includes the following:

I. Be helpful, polite & kind towards others.

II. Say ‘please’ & ‘thank you’ when others help you.

III. Respect public property like yours.

IV. Always be neat and tidy.

V. Saying good morning or good afternoon while passing by adults like your teachers, uncle and aunt. (who you know).

VI. Return the things on time that you have borrowed.

VII. Respect others.

VIII. Avoid using bad language at public places loud.

IX. Avoid making fun of others.

X. Chew your food with your mouth closed while eating.

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