Paragraph on Great is One Who Great Does – by Shanu

Deeds of a man make him immortal because, ‘great is one who great does’.

Either its Adolf Hitler or Mahatma Gandhi, symbols of hatred and peace respectively, although contradict each other, are considered as great people.


There were people, like Vyasa who wrote and predicted Mahabharata even before it begin. There were people like Aryabhatta and Chanakya who designed such strategies that are being followed by the people of 21st century.

What makes them great is their out of the box thinking, and their ability to accept the change. We must note that great can be defined in both positive and negative terms as great means something big, something gigantic. Great is the humanity, great is the violence; great is the mercy, great is the brutality.

The journey begins:

What leads a common man to become great? The answer is the ‘extremity’. Extreme love for the country gave birth to a brave warrior, Rani LaxmiBai. Extreme hatred for the Jews witnessed the historic Nazi Party by Adolf Hitler. Extreme love for the humanity gave us Mother Teresa.

Extreme love for peace gave rise to a human known as Mahatma Gandhi. We should learn that none of them was great inside the womb, but they were so because their deeds made them so. A Sanskrit quote says that knowledge without action and action without knowledge is useless but a combination of both leads to greatness.

The Positive Side:


In India, where cricket and cinema are considered as a religion, who can ever forget the Master Blaster Sachin Tendulkar and the vivacious actor Amitabh Bachhan? These people have spent their sweat, blood, compromised with their family, friends, love and life, that has led them to a stage where they can be called great! Too much thinking or just talking of becoming great is a waste of time, if you want to be great, just wake up and act. To be called great is not his or her monopoly, but it’s an honor received by others as a result of their emotions.

The Dark Side:

And of course, who else can ever forget Mohammed Ajmal Amir Kasab? The great deeds of his atrocity still cause the blood of fear running though their veins. So he can be called as a great brutal person who destroyed the lives of many, as his greatness is characterized by violence and cruelty. Good or bad, when you do something extreme, you are always remembered by the people.


When anyone works for or against the humanity, he imprints his image upon the hearts of the people for decades. We must remember that greatness is not the game of a day, for you need to strive without a single complaint, to be immortal is a journey of a thousand miles.

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