Paragraph on Hard Work – the Key to Success – by Rajan


Hard work is another name of fate. The key to success is often measured on the basis of amount of effort we take in accomplishing certain tasks.


When we work hard we dedicate our soul. There are two forms of the hard work.


One that implies the physical work and another that implies the mental work. Both kinds of work are important to stabilize the work cycle. Thus, working hard to attain something means that we should completely dedicate our mind, brain, physical power, soul and heart for achieving that thing.

For an instance, Edison is considered as the idol of hard work. He used to work for most part of a day. History says that he used to work for almost 21 hours in a day. He used to sleep in the laboratories, his workplace by using books like a pillow. This is called complete dedication. It is the greatest example of hard work.

We can consider another example of our first prime minister, late Pundit Nehru. He used to work for almost 17 hours in a day with no holidays in a week. Thus, hard work is the devotion that we pay to bring glorious success.


There is an immense importance to hard work in a man’s life. Every man directly and indirectly carries out certain kind of work. However, a very few people do exactly what is demanded by success itself. It is not difficult to root the quality of hard work in our mind. However, the difficult task is to remove the laziness from our body.


Hard work is a sign that signifies your honesty and integrity. If you are doing a certain job with full honesty and sincerity then you get recognized as a hard working person.

It also brings pleasure in a man’s life. Consider the situation when you get the prize of a gold medal after successfully passing the university exam with higher grades. Your mind will memorize the moments of hard work that you carried out for achieving this grand success. This pleasure keeps you motivated all the time. You start thinking of the hard work whenever you come across any obstacle. There is no substitute for hard work.


You must speak with yourself at least once a day. This practice improves the inner confidence and gives power to understand the importance of the efforts. Meditation is another method for growing the qualities of hard work inside your mind. Meditation controls your mind and restricts you from doing a misdeed. You should also start daily exercise so that your physique will become strong and you can easily carry out the hard work that needs the energy. Thus, speaking to you, meditation, and regular exercise are three major factors to carry out any kind of physical and mental hard work.


We can learn the meaning of hard work by watching a farmer, a poor boy ranking at the top, or a female working for the survival of her family.

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