Paragraph on Having Good Company in Life – by Rajan


Good company improves the life of a man. It is fairly difficult to completely emphasize the importance of the company you spend the entire day with.

It is necessary to select the company wisely because the people you interact with can either draw you up or draw you down. A man is known by the company he keeps.



When you hang around or spend much time with a certain group of people then it is said that you are in company with them. Thus, if you are a student then you must possess a good company of friends, if you are a working man then you must possess the good company of workmates, and so on. In short, you must stay with quality people around to you.


As said above, company has a huge effect on a person’s behavior, success, or nature. If you are surrounded by studious friends then you also become like them i.e. studious. Also, if you are surrounded by people who smoke, drink alcohol or possess bad habits then you too become like them. It is wisely said that the qualities get transferred from man to man. These qualities can either make or mar your future. Thus, all of us must spend the most of our times with the people who have good qualities.

For instance, if you are in company with the people who are sporty then you too automatically turn into a sporty man. Every man has a good as well as bad corner. Thus, our responsibility is to collect the good qualities of that person and cultivate those in our behavior while neglecting the bad qualities. We can also focus on the negative qualities of a person and instruct him to leave those bad qualities. If we do so, we can say that the opposite person has our good company.


Life becomes worry-free when we are in a good company of people. We feel several improvements in life by living with quality people. It is a result of the positive energy that gets generated inside our mind. Studies have shown that the people who possess this positive energy can easily inspire and motivate other people. It is the law of spirituality.


It is wisely said that good virtues always get killed by evil company. Thus, keeping a safe distance from evil company is a superior way to discharge the power of that company. Always keep in mind that the bad company can easily and quickly deteriorate an individual. For instance, climbing on a tree needs more effort as compared to the effort required for falling off the tree. Similarly, it takes a long time to cultivate good habits but it takes no time to learn the bad ones.


There are uncountable advantages of a good company. We must recognize the importance of a good company to keep ourselves away from the bad ones. It is the only key to attain success in our life.

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