Paragraph on Healthy Appetite – by Anand


Maintaining a healthy appetite is of utmost essence so as to keep a healthy body. A healthy appetite not only ensures better health but also mental peace and calm.


A healthy appetite does not necessarily mean that one eats sufficiently. But, it is what kind of food is one eating. Nutritious food is recommended for a healthy diet. In a world where people are always busy with work and toil hard for earning bread for their families, maintaining a healthy appetite is of the utmost essence.

Essentials of a Healthy Appetite:

A healthy appetite usually involves having nutritious food in a routine manner. Merely having nutritious food is not enough but one has to also adhere to proper timings. One should eat fruits, vegetables, etc and drink milk on a regular basis. One should refrain from eating unhealthy food and the food sold on the streets. It is also not advisable to eat oily and fried food in excess. Other than this, one should ensure that the meals are taken on time and there is no excessive delay between two meals. At least three meals should be taken every day.

Importance of a Healthy Appetite:


A healthy appetite keeps us healthy. It can help in improving the function of the lungs and heart, the nervous system and the digestive system also work properly with a healthy appetite. The appetite of a person should also depend upon one’s own physical condition. If a person exceeds his capacity while eating, it may result in fatigue, dizziness etc.

People with heart condition are advised only certain types of food. A healthy appetite keeps a person in his best spirits. A person in a bad mood not only affects himself but also the people around him. A healthy appetite helps in removing this negativity from a person. Mental health is equally important as physical health and a good appetite helps in maintaining the two.

Consequences of an Unhealthy Appetite:

Unhealthy appetite has a lot of negative effects on people. It results in reading fatigue in the students’ during their study time. Students don’t realize that if they maintain a healthy appetite, a difference can be made. It is very difficult to build up a healthy appetite in a shorter period of time. One has to do it regularly. Anxiety is one of the most common outcomes of unhealthy appetite. It also leads to sleep deprivation in students which keeps them exhausted and tired.


A healthy appetite has a very good impact on both the physical as well as the mental health of the people. It builds the stature of a person and also keeps him active in the social spheres. However, to maintain a healthy appetite, requires determination and zeal. If a person truly wants to remain healthy, he has to make sure what he eats and how well he maintains his eating habits.

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