Paragraph on Honor- by Anand


Honor means respecting and showing esteem to someone. Honor also applies in the recognition of someone’s right to great respect and in the expression of the same recognition.


Honor might be mingled with devotion and love in some circumstances. The only priceless respect that one can possess in this world is the respect of one’s honor. The honor of an individual cannot be traded, bought or sold. It is something which is gained by the respect one has amongst their peers.

Importance of Honor:

Honor is a necessary prerequisite for almost everything that we do today. Honor keeps deception at bay and it helps an individual in treating others with utmost respect. Honor keeps one’s beliefs intact and does not allow the disposition of others in clouding one’s own judgment. Honor also determines the hierarchy of a person while at the same time bringing to light his true intentions and loyalty. At times, just being honourable is not good enough; one has to maintain his honor by not tarnishing it. People with a false sense of honor wreak havoc in the society.

How to Be an Honourable Person?


Honor comes to a person who makes the right efforts at the right times. Recognizing and understanding what one’s integrity or honor is all about, is very pertinent. One has to treat others the same way as one treats oneself. An individual can’t hold himself in great regard and look down upon others. There is no honor in that.

The basis of this lies in the minutest of things like not yelling or acting rude with someone who bumped into you accidentally, not cutting off others at traffic, not disposing one’s garbage on the street etc. honor is also determined by how we deal with the consequences of the choices that we make. An honourable person faces his mistakes and follies straight on without blaming others for his fault. What we should understand is that we are responsible for our own actions.

An Incident from My Life:

My friend, Abhay always remained reticent. He was known as the class loner as he never used to talk to anyone and always had awkward social moments with other people. I was the only person who ever had a conversation with him. On a particular day, I saw a commotion outside our classroom. And the moment I reached near the crowd, I saw a classmate of mine slap Abhay hard on the cheek. What was strange to notice was that Abhay did not retort back with anything.

Everyone later realized that someone had played a prank on the other classmate by hiding his notebooks and had set up Abhay as the culprit. He knew he had no fault, yet he took a slap. When I asked him why he not fought back, his reply was that it could only have worsened the fight. When the other guy realized, he came back and apologized to Abhay. Abhay taught me what honor meant.


Honor depends on how we treat the people around us. It might take a lot of time to build up one’s honor but a moment’s event can make a person forfeit his honor. Thus, honor is an essential part of each one our lives.

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