Paragraph on “How I Spent My Summer Vacation”

How I spend my summer vacation and how do I want to spend my summer vacation, there is a huge difference in the two.

An ideal summer vacation should be like a place where I can sit, enjoy a cold breeze, and live the moments only for myself.


With too many life responsibilities and burdens, I sometimes tend to forget my own existence. I really want to have some time for myself. I want to breathe a fresh air, relax at a top of a hill, lie down on green grass and look at the clear blue sky.

I basically never had a chance to have a relax time during the summers. My summer vacations were very adventurous instead. I wouldn’t say they were bad. Those summer vacations were extremely hectic. Every time we are out for an adventurous summer vacation, we try to cover as many places as possible, which makes the whole journey too strenuous at times. I can’t blame anybody for that. But sometimes it feels like it’s not bad to have relax time during the summer vacation.

How I spend my summer vacation is basically going in the hilly areas and doing stuff like skiing and skating. However, I like to explore new things. So, if you ask me how I would like to be my summer vacation this year, I would say I would like to go in places with too many natural beauties. Hills, lakes, greeneries attract me a lot. Except writing, my other passion is photography. So you can imagine how many things I will have to do during a nice summer vacation in a place which has God gifted natural beauties.

I’ve recently got the Canon 70D SLR. So, this year my summer vacation is going to be an absolute pleasure. I’m going to explore my SLR and make a remarkable collection of photographs during my summer vacation. I’ll click some lovely photographs for my personal album, some nature photographs for my blog, and the rest I may put for bidding. This year my summer vacation will be a relax time with no deadlines.

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