Paragraph on How to Eradicate Illiteracy – by Silki


How to eradicate illiteracy? According to the common consensus, illiteracy is the curse of the society.

If a person is illiterate it means he/she does not have the ability to read and write adequately.


So it means that an uneducated person will always have to depend on someone who can read and write on his/her behalf. The inability of not being able to read also has severe consequences. The illiterate people will never be able to expand their sphere of knowledge because they can’t read books to gain information. Their limited and narrow point of view will restrict the overall growth of the society. This is why, eradication of illiteracy is very important.

Eradicate Illiteracy:

To eradicate illiteracy from our society, I think eradication of poverty is very important. However, I know that it is not completely in our hands. That is what the Government of our country can efficiently take care of. But the truth is very simple. The poor people never understand the fact that the most effective and faster way to eliminate poverty is to reduce the number of child birth and educate their children to make them financially independent. When the number of people taking education and having a stable daily income will increase, the problem of poverty will automatically disappear.

To eradicate illiteracy, we have to make poor people understand that only education can assure them financial freedom. To be able to live life with financial security and freedom, one has to take adequate education. Eradication of illiteracy needs awareness. People who don’t prioritize the importance of education don’t actually know its benefits. To take some simple efforts, you can help your domestic assistance or his/her child to take enough education. You can assure food, clothes and books to his/her child in return. I don’t support giving away money to these people. They usually waste the money by using them for buying alcohol or spend them in gambling. So, the best way to motivate them to take education, is by assuring good food and clothes.

Awareness in Villagers:

Our country has too many villages. Sadly the people living in the villages have also become the victims of politics. They are never told about the benefits of education as the Govt knows manipulating or influencing the educated people is tough. So the Govt. wants them to remain as they are. These people need awareness. They need to know what education can do for them and how it can improve their life. This is why the young politicians of our country need to give attention to the villages.



We can’t eradicate illiteracy without taking the poor people living in the cities and the villages into consideration. To eradicate illiteracy, we have to be smart enough. As day to day living is unbelievably tough for these people, we have to help them understand how their life can change or improve with good education. Many of them will need support in terms of food and shelter. We have to give them that. At least children can be assured of these facilities. To eradicate illiteracy, we have to show them the lucrative benefits of education.

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