Paragraph on How You Celebrated Your Last Raksha Bandhan – by Rajan

How I celebrated my last Raksha Bandhan? This isn’t a new question to me.

Many of us commemorate this festival but very few people share those special moments with others.



When we split the term Raksha-Bandhan we obtain two separate words, Raksha and Bandhan. Raksha means protection and security whereas Bandhan means strapping the thread of respect and love. This fiesta is well recognized for smearing a brawny bond among sisters and brothers.

Celebration at my home:

Raksha-Bandhan is a primeval notion. In ancient India, sisters used to dispatch Rakhis to their brothers as a symbol of love and sign of brotherhood.

But at present, the notion has thoroughly altered in itself. Nowadays, sisters bind Rakhi on the wrist of their brother/s and entreat for their happiness. In return, brothers pledge to take good care of their sister/s. The same thing happens at my home on every year.

I have three sisters. All are married and busy in their own life. Yet, they never fail to spot the opportunity to come back to their maternal house on the occasion of Rakhi-Purnima. They love me a lot. They used to call me “Dada” since the day I born.


This festival generally arrives on the Paurnima or full-moon day of the auspicious Shravan month. All of we wake up early in the morning.

On this year, we decided to make this festivity little bit different. My sisters advised me to accrue the money which I exploit for bringing gifts. They too brought simple forms of Rakhis for me and saved little amount of money.

Initially I didn’t understand the rationale of saving money. I got to know the actual reason behind it on the day of Rakhi-Purnima. My sisters collected the saved money and we went to the nearby market. We purchased attires for small children. We donated these attires to the victims of flood which recently fondled my city.

After donating attires and making some purchases, we returned back to the house. Our parents were waiting for us. We noticed proud in their eyes. When we entered in the house we saw that our mother has already arranged everything that was required for commemorating this festival.

This fiesta has numerous rites that vary all around the country. At my place, we prefer simple conventional method of celebration. My sisters placed a chair for me. They designed Rangoli around to the chair. I sat on the chair. Then my sisters tied Rakhi on my hand.

My mother prepared delicious food for us. We ate lots of sweet items including Gulabjamun, Rasgola etc. After finishing the dinner, all of we chatted till the late night.

The celebration continued on the next day as well. We went to the movie. After watching a movie, we went to the nearby garden. We tripped to the close by hill-station.

I can confidently say that this Raksha Bandhan has brought love, affluence and prosperity in our lives.


In this way, we had a lot of fun on the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. The endowment of attires, Rakhi tying ritual, ceremonial dinner and chatting; all of these events have become memorable to me.

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