Paragraph on Human Rights – by Anand


The question of human rights has received a great deal of attention in the present era. Human rights are the basic rights which are entitled to every individual man by virtue of his birth.


Violation of human rights is considered to be a very serious offense and is seriously taken into account by domestic and international forums. In the light of this situation, most of the countries have set up their own National Human Rights Commissions.

Meaning and History of Human Rights:

Human rights are those which are fundamental to each and every human being for his existence. Human rights are based on the ideal that every individual, be it man or woman, is entitled to certain basic rights such as right to life, liberty, speech, justice, freedom etc. irrespective of race, caste, creed etc. every constitution of the world has adopted these rights into their constitution. The United Nations Organization, in order to maintain these basic rights and ensure their adherence by countries, has adopted a charter of human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which was adopted by the United Nations, enumerates right of life, liberty, judicial remedy, speech, freedom of movement, security of a person etc. it also talks about social and economic rights like right to work, right to wages, right to education, right to equality etc.

Different Understanding of Human Rights:


The major problem with human rights is that the different countries of the world have a different view and understanding of the term and its usage. There are certain countries where the civil and political rights are not provided to their citizens and are not even enshrined in their constitution. And then there are other countries, where economic and social rights are not enforced by the government. Thus, the pertinent idea behind the implementation of human rights is that the governments of the world should try to maintain the fundamental rights in their domestic region and ensure that no kind of discrimination is allowed.

Violation of Human Rights:

Despite the laws governing the human rights, there have been many types of violation of human rights all over the world in various forms. South Africa was the country infamous for ‘apartheid’ which now no longer remains a concern. But still today, individuals are forced out of their own lands are put in refugee camps in very pathetic conditions. Minority communities in many parts of the world do not have political rights. A very pertinent example in this regard is the case concerning Aung San Suu Kyi of Myanmar. The other forms of violation of human rights prevalent in many parts of the world are economic discrimination, child labour, child prostitution, organ trade, casteism, etc.


With the rise in the number of human rights violation cases all over the world, it is high time that the governments of the various nations around the world effectively enforce their human rights laws. It is the fundamental duty of every government to protect the human rights of its citizens. Non-governmental organizations, international organizations, etc can play a major role in tackling such crimes and ensuring that the human rights are upheld.

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