Paragraph on “Ideal Student”

The concept on an Ideal student varies from person to person. According to some people, an ideal student is someone who is very brilliant in his studies and who stand top in all his activities and academic performances.

But some believe that, just by scoring marks alone does make a student an ideal one. He has to be high on his moral side too.


A perfect blend of good values, thoughts and knowledge makes a student ideal.

An ideal student is considered as a great success to his institution. He utilizes his time effectively to bring in maximum great results. He would be well disciplined and hardworking and make sure that he does all his tasks by planning well in advance. He is always found to be cheerful, well-dressed, well-mannered and with lots of positive energy, that makes him to be liked by all around him. He respects his teachers, parents and elders and makes sure that he listens to them too.

An ideal student is well aware of his tasks and responsibilities that he has to be doing. He always tried to keep away from bad company and always would keep a note of the good things around him. He takes much advantage of the opportunities that come across him and would always try to utilize it to the maximum.

An ideal student is aware of his role in society and would always try to be a good citizen right from a young age. He would try to be more active in social and welfare activities and would strive to do things that would in turn improve his society and nation.


An ideal student in respects is one who knows how to see and tackle situations in the right manner with the right kind of observation and character that he himself molds from his school days from his teachers, parents and elders that he meets in his life. An ideal student makes him a good and worthy citizen and contributes his best for his country by fulfilling the promises in him and worthy to be emulated by others.

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