Paragraph on “If I were a Doctor”

The profession of a Doctor is the most noble and respected one. They do a great service to the society.

A life gets saved by their hands. They take a lot of effort to cure us from various ailments and to keep us healthy and fit.


If I were to be a doctor, I would first take an oath that I would do my duties and take up my responsibilities as a doctor in a right manner. Being a doctor involves lots of risk and responsibilities too. I may have to face situations that may appear scary, but I would have to stay calm and take the right decisions.

If I were to be a doctor, I would make sure that I would treat people with sincerity and make sure that every patient deserves the right to have a good medication. People who cannot afford treatment, will be treated well by me in the best possible way and save their lives. I will not work for money, as money will be secondary. It is my responsibility to save a life and I should be doing it with due respect.

People spend so much money to educate their children who are not at all interested in this profession but have passion for something else, to become a doctor. If I were a doctor, I would try to convince parents that this profession has to be done with passion and love, otherwise no doctor could do justice to the patient that comes to him. It is a life that a doctor is tackling with and it has to be done with love, care and passion, then only the benefits would be seen, otherwise it becomes more or less like a business, which could get dangerous.

Doctors are next to God, when it comes to treat illness and bring back life. A good doctor is a blessing not only for himself, but to the society as well, and that is what I would love to be, if I were a doctor.

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