Paragraph on if I were a Farmer – by Rajan

‘If I were a farmer’ – this is a chronic adage that strokes my mind several times.

My birthplace is India. My country is renowned as an agricultural country. Almost 70% people of my country possess the profession of farming.



I truly revere the farmers of my country. They are the actual backbone of my country. They provide the most essential element of human’s life, i.e. food. Being a son of a farmer, I have personally seen the efforts involved in farming. I comprehend the hard work engaged in producing a single seed of wheat. This understanding towards the agriculture sector pulls me to think about a phrase – ‘If I were a farmer’.

My plans:

Nowadays, many farmers are living a depressing life. The agricultural sector in our country has not flourished much. Apparently, farmers undergo huge troubles in their daily life. If I were a farmer then I have many plans to implement.



I would provide higher level education to my children. I would never force them to select the same profession of farming. In case, if my child desires to become a farmer then I would allow him to learn agricultural education. Besides this, I would personally learn the scientific methods of farming.

Revolution to the methods of cultivation:

I have realized that many farmers still follow the aged methods of cultivation. If I were a farmer then I would allow modern methods of cultivation by adding advanced machinery, appropriate fertilizers, etc. To hasten the process of land tilling, I would make use of tractors instead of oxen pairs and a plough. Use of tractors would allow me to dig up more crops by speedily tilling large acres within a short period of time.


I would change the custom methods of using manure. I would personally check the amount of ingredients mixed in particular manure. The use of advanced manure would make my soil more fertile and productive. I would also make use of natural fertilizers such as cow-dung, compost fertilizers, etc. My focus would be to increase the fertility of land in cost-effective mode.

Thrifty techniques:

If I were a farmer, I would learn the prudent techniques. I have seen that our farmers spend more money and efforts than the required amount. I would manage equilibrium between the income and expenses.

Avoiding debt:

I would never allow a third person to sell my crops. Instead, I would personally trade the harvested reaps. This would allow me to earn some extra cash. Additionally, I would never take loans that could disturb my future. I have seen many farmers committing suicide just because of the burden of debt.


This is how I would manage my life if I were a farmer. Every farmer of our country must implement the plans given here. Farmers too have equal right to enjoy their life. They too have right of educating their children. If I were a farmer then I would definitely live the life of a successful farmer.

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