Paragraph on If I were a Police Officer- by Jenny


Being a policeman is an honor and it does take lots of difficulties and tests for one to become a policeman.

I am a policeman and I have become one, for only on the interest on being one and wanting to do justice to the people of India to whatever extent I could for their betterment and for the betterment of the society.

Things I would do:


There are so many things that I wish to do if I were a policeman. The most important of all would be in trying to take out the corruption within the police force itself. It is such a disgrace not only for those corrupted officers, but to the entire police force itself. Hence my first motive would be find out the corrupted officers and get some action against them.

Next would in trying to maintain the law and order that has been implemented for the betterment of the society and its residents. People are just not bothered about one another anymore. Somebody needs to take an initiative and I would love to be doing that. The public needs lots of training to get many things orderly and in place to make it function smoothly.

Traffic is another concern. The roads are congested these days and with the increasing number of vehicles, it is just a nuisance when there is a traffic block anywhere for silly reasons. Because of the huge traffic blocks, people in a hurry would never make it to what they want and the whole purpose of going somewhere would be spoilt and one would never be able to reach on time, no matter what the situation would be.

Being a police officer, gives you great responsibilities and duties and the police man needs to make sure that these duties areas carried out in the most effective manner. Being a police officer is no child’s play and hence, if I were to become one, I would have made sure that, some off the current scenarios or happenings taking place are not right and I would start nabbing them one by one, and try making the society and much better place to be in.


Law breakers are another set of people creating troubles to the common man. I would try nabbing all these law breakers, so that normal people or common man would find it much easier to move around and live.

If I were a police man, I would try making things simpler and organized, so that the common man would find moving around the streets is never a night

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