Paragraph on If I Were a Tree – by Shanu

If I were a tree, I would have been the best gift of nature. I would have had a lot of choices then.

A banyan tree which ages with beauty. Or may be a tree full of colorful flowers where I could speak about my presence without speaking anything.


It would be the fragrance of my flowers that would carry the message of my presence down the boulevard or even better if I was the one with first flowers and then fruits, like the mango tree. Or maybe the tree with medicinal properties and the coolest shadow like Neem.

Advantages of being a tree over mankind:

Tree unlike mankind does not require appearing for board examinations, neither do they wear uniforms for school and blessed enough to get away from carrying school bags. Teachers and parents would have never reprimanded in that case. Money would have made no difference to me. What a blessed life that will be for me.

The gift from Mother Nature:


How lucky I would have been if I were a tree. I would have no urgency to eat or cook food. Sunlight would have washed me with its warmth. I would have danced to the tunes of the breeze with birds singing all around me. The rain would have washed me clean. I would have been free enough where the sky would be my roof and the earth my floor. The fruits and flowers would have dressed me up for the arrival of spring. My mother would be Nature. Well, in that case I would have missed my own mother.

Benefits for being a tree:

How can I forget the other benefits too for being a tree! Tired people would have taken shelter under me in scorching summers, sleeping peacefully or may be sharing the top most confidential s with their friends. I would witness all throughout without them knowing it. How exciting that would have been! Even the birds would have formed their nest in my lap. They would have given birth to new lives. I would have witnessed their first flying too!

Importance to mankind:

If I were a tree, then I would have given fresh oxygen to breathe, colorful flowers to adorn people, fruits to eat, and would have acted as a medicine too when required. My leaves would give them shadow for shelter. It is the tree from where papers are made; furniture are made from the woods and also used for many other needs. It is planting of more trees that prevent global warming too.

Threatening to a tree life:

Life would not have been easier for me, if I were a tree. I would not have been safe as poachers would have cut me down to earn money through unfair means. Severe lightning would have burnt me to death. The man would have cut me for building high rise buildings, making the ecological balance suffer.

My message as a tree:

If I were a tree, I would give mankind shelter, food, oxygen and also help all humans with my wood when I die. So please plant me more and make a greener world to stay. Please stop global warming by cutting me down. I am a gift of Nature for mankind. Preserve me, preserve life.

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