Paragraph on Important of Cleanness for Children – by Jenny


Gandhiji once quoted “Cleanliness is next to godliness”. The importance of cleanliness can never be underestimated as it is a vital part of living.


Being clean is such an important character that it must be imbibed in every kid from a very young age. When children are given proper guidance on being clean and about cleanliness from a very young age, they inculcate in them one of the most essential habits of their life which not only helps them to become disciplined but also acts as a catalyst to their overall development and prosperity.

Why is it important and how can you introduce the habit to children:

Every individual needs to be clean and tidy and by teaching kids at a young age, it would help them in the long run. Anything taught at a very young age, remains with them for a lifetime. Cleanliness can be taught in several ways, and here are some that would help to teach your child on being clean and tidy.

a. Personal Hygiene:


Personal hygiene is the first step to cleanliness. Teaching the child to be self-clean from a very young age would make them follow the same routine as they grow. Personal hygiene includes habits like regular bathing, brushing teeth regularly, washing hands before and after meals etc.

b. Keeping your surroundings clean:

Keeping your surroundings clean is as important as keeping yourself clean. Children could be taught to keep their surroundings clean with little tasks like keeping their rooms clean, arranging books in the respective shelves, picking up bits of paper and putting them in trash boxes, etc.

c. Keeping the bathroom clean :

Another important task that the child needs to learn and understand are toilet habits. Teaching the child to turn off taps after use, to flush after each use of the toilet, to keep soaps and brushes at the appropriate places are very much essential.

d. Developing clean eating habits :

Clean eating habits are very important and teaching kids at a very young age would help them in the long run. Teach the child to eat properly, not making noise while eating, not to spill or waste food unnecessarily, to leave the finished plates in the sink and how to use the fork and knife make them discipline and cater to their better grooming.


These are just some of the cleanliness habits that could be inculcated in kids. You need to remember, children learn with examples and it is the responsibility of each parent to set out a good example to their child by guiding him/her in the proper way and ensuring that he/she follows the same. We should make sure that we follow the basic cleanliness procedures, so that children would gradually follow us and imbibe those qualities in them, which would help them throughout their life.

Inculcating and imbibing the importance of cleanliness in the child goes a long way in the overall development of the child and shaping his personality as well as helps him to be successful in life as cleanliness is the first step for recognition as a civilised human being.

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