Paragraph on Independence Day Celebration in My School – by Jenny


India attained her independence from the British on 15th August 1947 and since then; Indians have been celebrating August 15th with all triumph and glory. It is a moment of pride for every Indian.

Celebration at my school:

Independence day is celebrated at great at our school every year. We start the arrangements on 14th itself.


On 15th morning, we are asked to come to school for the flag hoisting and other activities. We all are requested to come in white dress and by 8.00 am, the National Anthem would be sung by our school choir team and later the Chief Guest for the occasion would be hoisting the flag. Speeches would be given by our Principal on the importance of the day and made to realize how hard it was to attain freedom.

Once the flag is hosted, and speech is done, sweets are distributed among the students and teachers at school. Later, there would be games and activities for students and teachers where we all would be participating and winning prizes.

On our Independence Day, we do not have classes and by noon almost all the celebration would come to an end. It is great fun and entertainment and also great pride for us as students to be at school on Independence Day.


To conclude, Independence Day is celebrated with pride and honor and with great homage to all the great fighters and patriots who scarified their lives for the freedom of India and made India a better place to live.

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